Shihai No Kyoudan – Episode 4


With the start of a new label, annoying innovation UP! The new “coquttish doll PoRO” on the “Petit” label is a “cute and juicy” school nurse who wraps up quietly and quietly! Familiar with “Kuro no Kyoushi” and “Female Teacher 4” Gakuen Shame ○ is the definitive edition of female teacher humiliation by BISHOP, a well-established popular brand with peace of mind! The 4th animated version of the blockbuster PC game “Domination Kyodan” under the PoRO brand! Anna-sensei, a school nurse who is quiet and has little emotional fluctuation. However, the body hidden under the white coat is Poyonpurun! If you attack without patience, on the contrary, you will be addicted to a lot of saints who will be disappointed! On the bed in the infirmary, restrain tightly and play with the butt meat as you like, and suck it in a cloudy sink to the innocent appearance that does not suit your body and make it fall! It is a must-see for the teacher in a white coat to be covered in cloudiness, and finally her beautiful face, which is silent and never exposed, is distorted regretfully and shouts in pain! Furthermore, Risako-sensei, a novice teacher, also fell into humiliation cosplay! School nurse and serious teacher’s shame ○ Stay tuned for the fall!